Human Capital Consultancy

What We Offer

Career Coaching or Counselling

  • Administering Individual Behavioural Assessments

Development of terms and conditions of employment

  • Employment Act
  • Child Development Co-Savings Act
  • Central Provident Fund Act
  • Employment of Foreign Manpower Act
  • Workplace Safety and Health Act and
  • Personal Data Protection Act

Development of Compensation and Benefits Framework

  • Designing market-competitive benefits strategies
  • Designing market-competitive compensation programmes

Development of Performance Management Framework

  • Maintaining or improving employee job performance through objective-setting, appraisal, coaching and feedback

Development of Manpower Planning Framework

  • Assessing current workforce capabilities, demographics and determining future workforce requirements

Development of Talent Management and Succession Planning Framework

  • Identifying, managing and retaining talents to be groomed into future leadership for the company.
  • Succession planning involves creating a strategy and plan for succession to take place.
  • This includes identifying competencies required of the successors for the critical roles and the time period.

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